Paper Submission

All papers submitted will be published in the conference proceedings which will be submitted for an indexed in Web of Science (ISI). Therefore, all authors MUST strictly follow the submission guidelines below:

  1. Title of paper has a maximum of 12 words only
  2. Abstract has a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words
  3. The word limit for the paper is 5000 words(min 5 pages - max 10 pages) 
  4. The paper must contain
    • Introduction,
    • Problem Statement,
    • Research Questions,
    • Purpose of the Study,
    • Research Methods,
    • Findings,
    • Conclusion,
    • Acknowledgement (if any) and
    • References.
  5. Titles and Subtitles are in the right order.
  6. References must follow the APA format, and contains complete inventory of references used in the full text.

Please click here for SAMPLE CAMERA READY FORMAT

Please ensure that in preparing your paper, you would have a ‘YES’ answer to the above requirements. Then you may proceed to full paper submission.

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